Desata Tu Corazón ( Demos Album Digital Only 2015 -16)

by Greg Dale

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Desata Tu Corazón roughly translated means untie your heart. These songs will be added in in no particular order as i work towards completion
of another album that is working more on a theme... Essentially these are songs that are a bit personal but don't have a home. mixed in will be a few older numbers from way back that were never recorded or only exists on a cassette tape in some shoe box in the back of a closet next to old letters and past lives.
So the album will be growing as time goes on. A sort of experiment in randomness ... will it lead to something cohesive ? Who really cares... not me, i'm just happy if you find something you like.
It's free... have at it



released June 13, 2015

all songs by greg dale
photo by g.d
layout and photo enhancement by Tanya Rist
more info on the individual tracks



all rights reserved


Greg Dale Berkeley, California

New album Winter's Ghost available now. There are absolutely no love songs on this record. contact me @

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Track Name: The Rise and Fall of thee Embarcadero
words words and more words
Track Name: Idiot Suns
Idiot suns

the shows all got canceled their gonna turn off the phone but that vase of
dead roses lasts forever
this week she hates me, the cupboards are bare... the sun is out swinging
into it i stare...
two idiot suns when i close my eyes

feels like i'm stranded, crows feet in my eyes.. the soul of a dreamer i can take off and fly
no end in sight they fit my car with a boot but those birds on the wire
look like music in the sky
beautiful music and it goes like " ba da da dee dee dee dum its much harder than you think to write a happy song, the birds are all singin they want you to sing along singing ba da da dee dee dee dum "

im tired of all this talking the worlds on a fuse singing ba da dee dee dee dum
Track Name: Those Simple Days
The Simple Days

Here at last here at last, the rumors are all true there is no turning back
rope hangs from the sky, and if i grab i scream because and that just leads me back to why
Arching across the sky... the goddess holds the stars and her Child holds our lives
that's what it says I'm untethered

I need a need a helping hand, strap my body to the vessel and put my foot down on the gas
shoot me into space and let my eyes burst with wonder and my body fade away
all left undone I'm running to keep track but what am i running from
those simple days
I'm untethered and iIm floating away
Track Name: She Blues
She Blues

you want to get away but sometimes the gettin' aint so good
and those reasons for staying aint adding up the way they should
the dream seems so real you want to stay in bed
you cant shake out the things stuck inside your head
he just got gon but passing on is the real long gone

maker maker what do you see, when you look down on this family tree
leave the rest and come for me

ever since i was a little pup folks have had a way of walking off
grandma says your pops is with your brother now, they're saving a place for us
there was sickness there were wars and the bottle always poured
your uncle drove off a bridge and was buried in his Ford
your moms behind bars, she's in her mid sixties now

patience patience what more do you need
i keep standing up you keep pulling the rug from under me
count the days til i'mset me free

something snapped i started to settle down
dont let myself get to high or get to down
got back in line for another trip around
i'm ok with what i see in the mirror now

suffer suffer whys it always me
i let you in you take the best right outta me
set you down and let you be
Track Name: So Long Ago So Long
So Long Ago So Long

When did she come around.. what did she say ?
Did she speak of those golden days?
What was she here for ..was she looking for proof ?
Collecting her ghosts or setting them loose

Did she already run out .. is she still around ?
Did she leave a number .. could you write it down ?
I would love to see her and her coal grey blues
tell her her pain is deep in us too

So Long Ago so long .... so long ago so long

Tell her we love her if she comes back by
we are sitting here waiting just passing the time

So Long Ago so long
Track Name: It's Dark
It's Dark

A death ridden rocker lies face down in his shadow
and when he awakes and crawls into his corner
and his sleepless nights are scarring the arms that he smacks on
and the lies that he tells shoot cold through his veins
somewhere another one is born, destined to his life
with his best smile torn
from the comments of the bastards and his mothers shame

The days roll on and the nights get darker
smiles from the past well there coming back to haunt you
and you lie awake and you toss and you turn
and the smoke from your cigarette makes yer eyes tear and burn
oh mama coyote come howl at the moon
sing this dead fucker a sad ol tune
and if the day breaks like it always does well

Lying down forever now and
yer tombstone is showing off your final frown
and the sweet summer nights and the thinking of love
are all in that place you left up above
if you had a chance given just one chance
would you lift yourself up
Track Name: Untie Your Heart
Untie Your Heart

Freeze Freeze in moment
I could have put it right
I could have spoke my mind
Just take a peek inside
You find my heart is tied
and I'm borrowing time

Pleased I'm always pleased
to see my people shine
man they burn so bright
feels like I'm standing in
for the man I could have been
But i don't know him

Untie Your Heart
Untie Your Heart.......
Track Name: Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon.... warning may contain language that may offend you or your religion or both....
Track Name: One Of Those Days
One Of Those Days

Move on in on a weekday unpack my stuff
dont need nobody to tell me life is rough
well i feel fines since i been in this town
aint nobody come and put me down
and they tell its just one of those days

Friend cam to call he said he needed some dough
i didnt have a dime to give cause my money was low
he said thats alright its just a damn shame
aint nobody here bu me to blame
and he tells me its just one of those days

everything is round and the days roll by
got myself the things i need and the time will fly
but if theres just one thing that i dont understand
its a how my lady loves this man
and she tells me its just one of those days

take it joe

if theres just one thing that i dont understand
its a how i ever gave a damn
and they tell me its just one of those days