Winter's Ghost ( Album )

by Greg Dale

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Greg Dale is a singing, songwriting, guitar- playing veteran of San Francisco Bay Area's fertile rock music scene. On his new full- length album Winter's Ghost, he weaves a dreamy musical web of heart-felt tales from the modern American struggle amidst surreal times. The new Higher Font Records release will be available June 9, 2017 on vinyl LPs, CD and download via iTunes, Amazon and other popular digital music destinations. Learn more about Greg Dale's music at
"Winter's Ghost is an album of short stories," explained Dale about the album's genesis. "Some are autobiographical, some are fiction. Some were forged out of real pain from the streets, where losing battles are fought over and over again. But I tried to sprinkle in seeds of hope and change, to keep the balance and to speak to where I'm at personally. Its all held together by two distinct guitar sounds which add dark or light atmospheres and punch things up when needed."
At times heart-wrenching, Dale's art-fueled roots-rock-with-a-blue- twist is a welcome breath of passion amidst today's increasingly superficial musical landscape. And even as the vinyl LP promo sticker on Winter's Ghost playfully touts "No Love Songs," Dale remains hopeful, singing: "And I merge with the day, try to keep them blues away" (from the rocking opener "My My My").
That four-on-the-floor intro paves the road for the haunting "Visitor," a showcase for Dale and his band including JC O'Donnell on guitar and Peter Schmitt on upright acoustic bass. "New Morning” features Dale’s lead guitar in an electric howl to muses from CBGBs to Laurel Canyon. The barn burning "The Ballad of Alabama
Impossible" delivers the fiery analogy: "Every hour wounds. Its the last one that will kill you. If you were a gun I would shoot you."
Greg Dale writes soul-inspiring songs, plays some mean guitar and with Winter's Ghost it is clear he has some poignant stories to share. Listen...


released June 9, 2017

Greg Dale vocal, guitar , piano and synth, percussion
J.C. O'Donnell guitar
Pete Schmitt upright bass
O drums
Angelina Bentley vocals
John Finkbeiner engineer, mix
Bill Bentley produced , mix
Myles Boisen mastered
Aidan Wachter Cover Art
Tanya Rist photography
Amy Lesneiwicz layout



all rights reserved


Greg Dale Berkeley, California

New album Winter's Ghost available now. There are absolutely no love songs on this record. contact me @

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Track Name: My My MY
It has four on the floor
need i say more
sometimes i need the steady time
Track Name: Visitor

way{from } way out in the stars
come the visitors what do they see
chaos and beauty
have they been here all along
( letting us do what we do )
leaving hidden clues
( take me away )
before the dawn
did they build the sun
loving tribes from space
built a place to keep us safe
wrongs will find the way
to bring tragedy to the play
once a gentle wind....... ( now its roaring rawwrrr )
our prayers shoot into space
( some will find there way )
they can change our fate
be they not selfish
a war in the skies
are we the alibi
can they keep us safe
( be they not selfish )
are we the alibi
or are we just like them
Track Name: New Morning
Burned out rafters in a burned out barn
Here comes the twilight , here comes the stars
It’s a new morning

If the golden state were to wash away
The grand Sierras would touch the sea
Oh, It’s a new morning

I guess we got it wrong
Hold my hand here comes the flood
Can’t wash away our love
Its a new morning
Track Name: Rodeo

It’s the call of the wild , It just sounds like your wasted
and your thumbing through your pocket for a cigarette
And you don’t quite believe that anything can save us,
being here should be enough

You live your life like a rodeo, the dirt and the sweat and the
broken bones
Just hang on and ride

The sky looks old in the high desert, and the moons been frozen
for a million years
And all of the fauna that blooms after winter, has it’s moment
in the sun

Outside seems like home to you, all the hard time that you
put yourself through
here’s one for the road

Your blankets are stitched with stars. the ground is so cold
where’s baby’s arms
there’s no cryin’ at the rodeo

The temple of your body is in need of repair, your eyes still shine there’s
a light on in there
And you set down your baggage and you walk away, you build it back up
day by day
Well this ain’ t your first rodeo
This aint ‘ your first rodeo
Track Name: Pizzin'n'Kizzin
Crazy , you are crazy.
Your pupils gather in pools, your tongue is lazy
Scream, unhitch and scream... From the top of your perch
into the realm of dreams
Ahhhhh Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhhh

Drugs, drugs and love. Keep them to yourself
they’re gifts from above
Burn, Burn it whole. Burn it to the ground
it never gets old
Shame on the men who led you astray, shame on my eyes
I can’t look away

Pizzin’ on and kizzin’ on those wise old souls , you can’t get
back the soul that you sold
Pizzin’ on and kizzin’ on the man with horns, you cant undo
what’s already done
Pissed off and tossed off there aint no parole, your sails are on
fire, your stuck in the boat

Moan, moan and howl, the moon is full, your hearts
a deadly flower
Cut , cut and rip out, cut out the good unhinge your jaws
and swallow
Back for more you can’t get enough, your eyes are like wheel
they’re riding the rush
Track Name: The Ballad of Alabama Impossible
Dreams come in sleep they come when I wander off they come some more
Blank spots in my vision where you work inside your secret world
Come out come out i cried i seek and cannot find you
If your were a gun I would shoot you

I wear you like protection through the seasons in this wasteland
Sprawling sprawl and heavy smog people write their name up on the wall
Tattooed Romans at the gates they politely knock my how times have changed
If you were a gun I would shoot you

Celebration is in the air all eyes are smiling cept yours my dear
I hold you up where the stars still shine above the din just to make you smile
You say “ every hour wounds it’s the last one that will kill ya “
if you were a gun i would shoot you

If you were a gun I would shoot you straight into the air til it rained back down
the sky don’t seem to care and either do you my dear
If you were a gun I would shoot you

Out on the edge of town I wait for you to climb back down
Down off your woven ladder spun from the hair of the fallen angels
You carry their prayers to the High of Highs your face looks tired i hear you sigh
“ If God were a gun I would shoot it “

“ When the truth hurts ,you wear it like a crown “ are the word you said when we circled round
To look for the best way in to sell our dreams then leave again
I don’t work for anyone yet you’ve owned me since i was young
If you were a gun i would shoot you
Track Name: White Factory Noise
White factory noise , It’s the heartbeat it’s the back beat and the freeway rolls by
This city has wings, this city it sings, but on the tracks they sell
White factory noise

The man had a blue factory flame, the man he drank and it went away
I can still hear his voice over the white factory noise
The factory makes the shade, it makes more everyday
In the vacuum there’s a siren
White factory noise
Track Name: Nothing To This
We come from the Americas, the shitty holes the coastal towns
U.S.A. born and bred
We have the one we have the two but that Aint our point of view
This Aint a numbers game
A horse a horse of course of course but the horse that stays the course
wear the finest shoes
Remorse remorse let’s up our dose we don;t want to be verbose
But we like nice shoes too
Aint Nothing to this

He’s a candy coated hologram mister flippy bird don’t give a damn
wearing his satin shoes
He pied pied pipes along we sing sing sing his song
and eat his magic root
When the party starts to fade the shinning stars they have it made
Karma chips a tooth
The party that goes on and on turns into a dying yawn
And hits the wall for proof
Aint nothing to this
Aint nothing to this
Track Name: Water Bearer
I see a face and I cross the street
No need to go backward no need to be seen
I feel the wind of the past
blow through the hollows of this empty crevace
I see a change need to come we are tearing at the seams
Of a world undone

It’s cold outside come in you fool
We barely get by ... burn the scriptures for fuel
I said “watch while we blow the lid off
set down our ego’s and turn back the clocks
To a time when the sexes were fair, if we all made the promise
we’d be half the way there
It’s time to call the Water Bearer “

i said “ oh what is the cost, to look to a future with no man on a cross
and in time a new day will dawn just wait just wait

When is it coming , what if she’s late
What if it’s nothing and it all stays the same
Let’s pick up the people that don’t have a say
Teach them to love and that their gods in the way way

I say “ na nah na na nah “
I say “ no “
Nah nah na nah na nah