Songs From The Shallow Water ( Album )

by greg dale

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released January 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Greg Dale Berkeley, California

Welcome listeners. things here tend to be from the shady side of the street. If you came here for an uplifting experience you might leave needing a drink. If you like your music a little dark and brooding then there is a lot here for you. Feel free to contact me @ NEW ALBUM " WINTERS GHOST " COMING SOON . ... more

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Track Name: Sometimes
10 miles past i missed the turn off again i been down this road 100 times before
and my mind starts to wander t starts to open some doors behind me i hear another close
bird nest of branch debris the leaves have lept the bare trees ive seen it all before
and i just pass the time pretending you are mine.. wehn you tell me i believe it sometimes

in the end it s what makes us men... you fix what broken and you re emerge again
but i cant keep my mind not knowing you are mine and when you tell me i believe it sometimes

sometimes is the most i can give u
sometimes you make it feel like forever
sometimes i'm the ghost of whats left you... sometime3s

the music is loud its still and quite in the car somehow from point to point from the bars to the starts
i cant hold what used to be's with your body lying next to me leasve it behind me sometimes
and i hate turning back and im burnt on keeping track.. of the who's who there where and whens the what is whats
if i just close my eyes i can see your tears they burn with pride .. you love me and i believe it sometimes

sometimes... etc

Track Name: Set it Down
Tidy up and write it down on page it stays blood in leather bound
more than most here;s a word from your host dump out your drinks and
lets have atoast
i'm a burning bush i'm a future ghost collecting wings on the westerly coast and i'm here to set it down
love to spin round and and round riding in the pipe dressing like a clown
drink from the moat #### on fur coats lie like im rich i'm a friend of the goat
i'm no good to be around well its easy to pick up it hard to set it down


when darkness dies i'm early to rise... leqarning to dance with compromise
not much to say until i do then i will spell em out my opinions to you
dig in the dirt got roots in the church i want to be buried in my engineer boots

and they will say he set it down
Track Name: Ba Da Dum
Track Name: No Memories
no memeories